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Urgent prayer request: Please pray for Savan Masih a victim of blasphemy law

Many thanks for your prayers for the hearing of Asiya Bibi and Savan Masih, Aasia Bibi’s appeal hearing was canceled as the Judge has gone on holiday but Savan Masih’s hearing went well. Keeping in view the sensitivity of the case, the hearing was conducted inside the jail and CLAAS’ lawyers Tahir Bashir and Naeem Shakir were present there. The next date for the hearing is fixed for the 22nd march and we are hoping that the judge will be able to reach a verdict. If God willingly, the hearing is conducted on the 22nd, and if the judge is courageous and due diligence is applied, we are hoping that Savan will be acquitted. Savan Masih was arrested last year in March 2013 after blasphemy accusations were made against him. Savan Masih has since been in camp jail, Lahore, while his family is being looked after by CLAAS.After the accusation, the whole Christian town of St. Joseph colony- Badami Bagh, Lahore was torched by the Muslim mob and Christians had to flee. The police silently watched while the Muslim protestors stole valuable possessions and destroyed Christians’ homes. Unfortunately, the blasphemy law has become a powerful tool in the hands of the extremist and is continually being used to attack churches and burn down Christian towns and villages and also kill innocent christians without giving them a chance to prove their innocence. Sadly, the government has still failed to bring the perpetrators to justice. CLAAS is among the organisations who are campaigning to repeal this controversial law or at least bring about appropriate changes to stop its misuse. The international community has also called for changes to these laws to be made and also to stop its misuse against religious minorities but it is all falling on the governments deaf ears. CLAAS’s lawyers will be present in camp jail on 22nd march during the hearing. Please pray that everything goes well and that the case is decided in Savan’s favour so that he can be reunited with his wife and children. Please pray that the judges will have the strength and wisdom to make the right decision free from prejudice and with clean, open hearts. Please pray that God will fill the hearts of the judge with a sense of urgency and compassion. Pray that pressure will be brought upon the Pakistani government to modify the Blasphemy Law and also pray that the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ will unite and remember to pray for the Persecuted Church and be filled with an urgency to intensify its prayers for brothers and sisters who are suffering, at a time when hostility towards the Christian faith worldwide is intensifying.
We ask that you pray that God will bring healing and restoration to Savan, Aasia, Zaffar Bhatti and all other victims of blasphemy law whose cases are under trials so that they can be assured that their faith has brought them to a successful outcome.
Nasir Saeed CLAAS

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