Save Rimsha Masih!


“Rimsha Masih” is a child from a slum in Islamabad arrested on charges of blasphemy.
Rimsha is 13 years old and is the youngest in the family. She has a brother and a sister and both parents are alive but now, along with their two children, are forced to live in hiding.
Rimsha, who suffers from a mental disorder, was playing in the courtyard of their home when in the yard of their home found a ‘garbage bag’ that others had thrown and burned. Among the
garbage were hidden burnt pages of the Koran, and a neighbor of the Muslim family, began to rant saying that she had ripped and burned the Koran of own initiative. But is Rimsha even capable of consent? And to know the difference between a simple paper and a page of the Koran? And who is the real culprit? The one that took away the rubbish from her home
where he was playing with her dolls, or the person who threw the paper away knowing that there were pages of the Koran?
The news has gone around the mosques and the surrounding area. Thus, after prayer
Friday 17, 3000 demonstrators gathered to attack Christians and burn their homes.
They were armed as in the case of Shanti Nagar and Gojra. Government authorities in high positions were immediately informed and the President in turn, issued the order of
high alert of Emergency. A thousand police and special forces were sent to stop the attack on the Christian village but despite such a large number of ordered forces, one thousand demonstrators managed to get near the location where Rimsha Masih lived and the Police immediately arrested Rimsha to protect her from the demonstrators.
600 Christians who lived in the town and surroundings where Rimsha resided, fled for
their lives. Right now they are kept in a secret place but are looking for the opportunity to escape the country as their lives are at risk as were the victims of Gojra and Shanti Nagar.
It is hoped that in the coming days Rimsha will be released. The question is whether it will still be safe after her release!


1. Rimsha could meet her family freely and in this regard we ask for the immediate retrieve of the accusations against her and for proper protection for their security.
2. All the work of the several confessional and non-confessional organizations can be encouraged and at the end the blasphamy law could be cancelled or usefully amended.
3. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, present in the art. 18 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed by Pakistan as well, can be asked for and applied in Pakistan equally.


The petition which will be sent to the President of the Islamic Repubblic of Pakistan.
One can e-mail proper signatures:
Or call at: 0039-334-1427307

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