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USAID grants 22 pakistani scholars around half million US dollar for research

(Islamabad-Dunyanews) The 22 proposals were selected from more than 180 research applications from all over the country and abroad.The selection was made by fifteen member selection committee comprised of internationally acclaimed scholars with extensive research experience in Pakistan and abroad.This is yet another example of US support for Pakistan’s development priorities.We believe that this research will help lay foundations to the growth of Pakistan’s economy, thus contributing to a more prosperous future for the people of the country, said Richard Albright, US embassy coordinator of Civilian Assistance program addressing the recipients of the grants.
He said that this program has been designed to facilitate the government of Pakistan’s new framework for economic growth.
The frame work presents an overcharging set of policies designed to increase Pakistan’s agricultural productivity and sustainability create more competitive agricultural input and output markets accelerate income growth, improve food security and support poverty reduction. He said the issues of framework for economic growth is working to address are crucial for the country development.Richard Albright said that US government is pleased to facilitate the implementation of this framework by enabling Pakistani scholars to come up with innovative approaches to the country’s economic development.He said that high quality economic academic work has had a major impact on policy making in all successful countries.“Government bodies around the world have for generations based their efforts on applied economic research on how markets work and we believe that such research provides a more sound basis for regulatory efforts and leads to better outcomes” Albright added.
Shahid Sattar from planning commission on the occasion noted that the local institutions and academia should be involved in the research on every sector including energy crises agriculture and poverty in the country. He said that research is the missing link which has been hampering economic growth in Pakistan for the past many years.
Scholars which were given awards under Pakistan Strategy Support Program are Dr Waqar Ahmed (sustainability development policy institute), Dr Shabib Haider Syed, Khalid Khan, Daniyal Aziz, Dr Muhammad Ayub jan, Dr Atif Ali Jaffri, Dr Anwar F chishti, Dr Allah Bakhsh, Dr Hassan Sher, Dr shehnaz Akhtar, Dr Amer Ismail and Dr Muhammad Younis.

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